GirlZone is an evening program for girls 13 +

Empowering girls to become healthy, educated and independent adults.


Programs run throughout the school year in a series of consecutive 4-week sessions. Teen girls develop leadership skills, participate in activities that build their self-confidence, assertion, team work, healthy communication and cooperation skills, all while becoming strong leaders in our community. Teens also have the opportunity to act as peer-mentors to younger girls and earn volunteer community service hours.  A place where your opinion counts, where you can ask questions, explore and have lots of FUN!

Sessions: Wednesdays 6:30pm to 8:30pm
$25*/ 4-week session for Members or $40*/ 4-week session for non-members

*membership fee is $55 single /$70 family and gives you discounts on all program registration

Ajax – Girls Inc. 1-398 Bayly St. West

GirlZone 2020

February 5th-26th: Informed and InCharge
March 4th-25th: Peer Mentoring during GirlSPACE
April 1st-29th: Operation Smart (STEM); April 15th marks Canada’s ‘Equality Day’; this month we will celebrate the inclusive provisions to our Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
May 6th-27th– Peer Mentoring during GirlSPACE, Join us in Celebrating Girls Rights Week.
June 3rd-24th– Celebration Month and a Wrap-Up Graduation Ceremony.

For more information contact Heather Buckner, Program Facilitator 905-428-8111 ext 223

I struggled internally for a long time, but through Girls Inc. I learned that my body is a resource, not an object. I began to love and embrace my body.