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We know that everyone is trying to be flexible these days… so we have created a Girls Inc. Virtual Summer Camp Program that can be tailored to fit your family.

Each day is designed to address the unique challenges girls are facing in response to coronavirus directives, such as confidence building activities, cyber-bullying and safety activities and emotional support.  As always, the groundwork of our activities are physical fitness & nutrition, stress management, STEM education, media messaging, financial literacy and leadership and community action.

Girls can join for the entire 5 weeks or just one week.  Programming will be delivered using the ZOOM videoconferencing platform and girls will receive a package delivered to your home with all the required materials needed for the program. 

Included in your package will be a Girls Inc. t-shirt, swag and craft supplies. 

Programming is one hour and 45 minutes each day (10:30 am- 12:15 pm for girls ages 6-9 years of age and 1:00 pm- 2:45 pm for girls 10-13 years of age) from Monday – Friday.  We will also be running small groups of the Counsellor in Training (CIT) with one on one support for teens ages 13-16 years of age.

Cost: Full week $60.00 of all five programs for members; $75.00 for non-members

Every day is something new from our signature programs!

Girls Inc. Allies in Action

With girls experiencing aggression, fearfulness, violence, and cyberbullying as an all too common experience, Allies in Action offers tools to navigate difficult social situations. Through communication skills, peer supports, and identifying negative behaviours early, build self-esteem, focus on stress management and healthy relationships.

Girls Inc. Operation Smart

Through this broad approach for all our Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) programs, girls are encouraged to explore their interests in STEM, learning to identify key topics in STEM throughout their daily lives. They are also exposed to a variety of careers and model roles in STEM fields.

Girls Inc. Mind+Body

Mind+Body supports and promotes the whole health of girls ages 6 to 18, using a philosophy which recognizes that many factors, including physical and mental wellness, contribute to girls’ health. Consequently, the Initiative focuses on four critical content areas; physical activity, body image, stress management and nutrition.

Media Literacy 

With girls facing media messages constantly, lessons in media literacy encourage girls to think critically about what they see in magazines, online, and in movies. This awareness minimizes the negative impact on girls and increases knowledge in marketing, media literacy, and social media safety.

GirlStart   Literacy program.

“GirlStart” is a program to increase literacy skills, self-esteem and success for girls age 6-8. Rather than simply replicate school-day strategies, we provide opportunities for girls to learn how to enjoy books, writing, and playing with language. Offering fun and engaging activities that help girls build relationships, practice decision-making skills and build a love for reading.

Girls Inc. Economic Literacy

By building on basic economic and financial concepts, Girls Inc. girls become familiar with money management, investment, and global economics, including gender equity in income and business.

Leadership and Community Action

Through the Leadership and Community Actions program, girls build leadership skills and create lasting social change through community action projects. Girls learn also how to identify needs in the community and how to gain community support for solutions.

For more information email Tracey McCannell, Director of Programming at or call 905 428-8111   extension 222

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I struggled internally for a long time, but through Girls Inc. I learned that my body is a resource, not an object. I began to love and embrace my body.