As 2020 Comes To An End


As 2020 comes to an end, we can’t help and reflect on how we navigated the most difficult and challenging time in the past 15 years. These challenges bringing them with them fear and anxiety forced us to step up, grow, collaborate, pivot and innovate.  COVID-19 has shown us why our mission and vision is important and relevant, even more during these challenging times. Girls Inc. of Durham has successfully adapted our program model to continue growing stronger, smarter and bolder.

In March, we transitioned to online programming for school-based programs and summer camps providing much-needed support to our girls during a time of great uncertainty.  Despite grave challenges and decreased funding, we have continued to deliver ground breaking and innovative virtual after school programs to girls in communities that need it most.  With a large focus on social-emotional learning, we ensure the wellbeing of our girls is our number one priority.  In addition, we continued to provide much needed food delivery to our Prenatal Nutrition Project participants through Durham.  Ensuring that they remain safe and have nutritious food.

We continue to face an unprecedented public health crisis and economic downturn that has a direct impact on the daily lives of the girls we serve.

They need us, and we need your support more than ever to close funding gaps and ensure that we continue to support our girls emotionally, socially, and academically. Our goal is to raise $10,000 by the end of the 2020 year.  Your donations will continue to help us continue to provide vital programs and support our community of girls. For every $100 donated, one girl can enroll in our barrier-breaking virtual programs.

However, every dollar helps.

Can we count on you?