Back in the office update


In response to the immense need created by the Covid-19 pandemic crisis, our agency continues to provide critical support for girls, young women, in our Durham communities. People experiencing poverty, mental illness, addiction, domestic violence and abuse have been identified as most vulnerable during this crisis and are likely to experience longer-term adversity. The majority of our participants are affected by several of these vulnerabilities.

We are gravely concerned about the girls and young women in Durham Region due to the significantly increased risk of domestic and sexual abuse during the long period of family isolation currently being experienced. As violence against girls and women is an identified sub-group that will suffer the most in the long-term from this crisis, we are equally concerned about providing enhanced recovery support for our client demographic.

We have pivoted to offer our traditional in person programs in virtual format, but without funding and support we will not be able to continue it after summer is over. We need investors like you to help support and carry us into the fall, especially when school re-opening is so uncertain. Your support will enable us to continue to deliver our group programming through web-based programs, and we are positioned to return to school-based activities when we can. Programs offered include Media Literacy (critical analysis of social media messaging and influences), Operation Smart (STEM), Mind + Body (physical and mental health), Informed & InCharge (healthy sexuality), Economic Literacy, and Leadership & Community Action.

With support from community members like you we are able to provide widespread, comprehensive support for participants who are particularly vulnerable during this pandemic. Maintaining strict physical distancing safety protocols, our staff will deliver supply kits to participants, containing hygiene, craft, and educational materials to ensure an equitable learning opportunity for all.  Personal safety, emotional management and mental health and wellness are always the key pillars of this recovery programming. We will also focus on the identification of girls needing additional support and referral due to adversity experienced during the isolation period.

Thank you for your support. Stay safe,

Yvette Nechvatal-Drew, Executive Director