Father’s Day Celebration To Honour the Fathers or Male Role Models In Your Life


In celebration of Father’s Day, we thank the men on our Girls Inc of Durham Board and  National Board who are committed to advancing the work of Girls Inc. You set a wonderful example of how men can be allies and partners in the creation of a racially just, safe, and more equitable world for girls. As fathers and role models you are powerful forces for good in girls’ lives.

Honour the fathers or male role models in your life by participating in the Girls Inc. Father’s Day giving event. To indicate this is a gift for your loved one, and for us to send a Father’s day e-card, please make a note in the comments section of the donation page. Fill in the name and email address of the gift recipient and the customized message you would like us to include! Click here and Happy Father’s Day!

Below, our upcoming new Board President, John Tzountzouris  shares why he, as a man and father, stands in support of the Girls Inc. mission, reflecting on the realities of what girls face but also what each girl has the right to expect of this world.

John Tzountzouris new president explaining why men need to be strong allies for women in todays world
John Tzountzouris, incoming President
Why men must help erase gender inequity:

Gender-based inequities and related problems are man-made. As a man, I need to be a part of the solution. None of us can sit idly on the sidelines as these problems cause damage to girls, women, and society as a whole, we must take action and be advocates. That’s why it is crucial for me, as a husband, brother, father to daughters and son, to support girls and the important work that Girls Inc. of Durham does in our community.

Through our efforts to inspire girls to be strong, smart, and bold, we are empowering hundreds of thousands of young girls to overcome and erase gender-based challenges that have persisted for far too long. As a man, I have a duty to be involved, learn, promote awareness, recruit other men to the cause, and model what it means to be an effective ally.