Safe Sleep Week – Decorate the room, not the crib


Safe Sleep Week is an annual awareness campaign to promote infant safe sleep practices. During Safe Sleep Week, partner organizations work together to educate parents and caregivers on the risks of unsafe sleep environments. Partners include: Health Canada and the Public Health Agency of Canada, Parachute Canada, Baby’s Breath Canada and the Canadian Paediatric Society.

This year’s Safe Sleep Week takes place from March 11 to 15, 2024.

Safe Sleep Week theme

The theme for Safe Sleep Week 2024 is Decorate the room, not the crib:

Setting up your baby’s sleep space is an exciting time. Some products, decorating ideas and interior design trends might look cute, but could be dangerous for your baby. Put safety ahead of style. You often see infant pillows, blankets and other padded items in cribs. You may think these items will keep your baby cozy, but they actually pose a suffocation risk.

Key messages

  • A bare crib is best. All you need is a tight-fitting mattress and a fitted sheet designed for the mattress.
  • Bedding sets, pillows and bumper pads, even the mesh ones, may look nice but they aren’t safe for your baby because:
    • any loose or soft items in or around your baby’s crib can suffocate your baby
    • older babies or toddlers can use bumper pads to climb out of their crib
  • Baby nests, loungers or pods (small, portable pads with soft, cushion sides) and other soft products like nursing pillows may look cozy but they shouldn’t be used for sleep. These products increase a baby’s risk of suffocation. They should never be used in a crib, cradle or bassinet, or on an adult bed for a baby to sleep in.
  • Hang artwork, shelves and other wall decor away from your baby’s crib, as they can:
    • fall into your baby’s sleep space and injure your baby
    • be pulled down into the crib as your baby learns to stand and climb
  • Keep safety in mind when choosing the best spot for your crib:
    • Place the crib away from windows. Make sure window coverings don’t have long accessible cords. Loose cords can strangle your baby.
    • Keep all cords from baby monitors, lamps, sound machines and other electronics out of reach of your baby’s crib.
    • If you have a baby monitor, be sure to keep it out of reach of your baby. If you mount your baby monitor, mount it on a wall and not on your baby’s crib.



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