Trying to survive the new normal


This new normal sure doesn’t feel very normal, so we wanted to check in with you and share what’s going on here at Girls Inc. of Durham.  The growing COVID-19 emergency is affecting all of our lives, and we want to first and foremost express our concern and support for all of you as we deal with this crisis. Like all of you, we are watching this pandemic unfold. Drastic global measures to keep populations apart and slow the spread of the coronavirus could remain in place for months. That’s posing the difficult question of how long hundreds of millions of us can hold fast.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of staying connected and supporting one another around us in need. We are a community, and social distancing doesn’t mean we have to brave this by ourselves, and Girls Inc. is trying innovative ways to continue to connect and support one another. We want you to know we are here to help – you are not alone in this.

One of the few ways we are remaining in touch, is through our social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter); video conferencing ( platforms; text messaging platforms (, as well as checking emails and phone messages several times a day. We are working with local foundations, as well as national and provincial government agencies to help us to understand how we can continue for any length of time and still offer our services. Many charities are struggling with the fact of how to manage and help their staff. We all are forced to make difficult decisions.

With all of the cancellations of revenue generating events, Bingo sessions; March Break camps; in-school and after school programs as well as the postponement of our Spirit of Girls Breakfast all has significantly impacted our fundraising capacity. We are unsure on the best way to proceed in these uncertain times. As I write this letter to you I have answered several distressing phone calls from concerned parents, who have girls who suffer with anxiety, “How can I support my daughter when she is isolated from her support systems?”  I can hear the desperation in their voices. We at Girls Inc. are trying new and innovative ways to connect with our participants and will try different online strategies that will be new and challenging for us.

None of us knows how long this will take and the impact to sustaining our ability to help and maintain a state of high vigilance, but we are reaching out to ask that you consider helping us. Cancelling our programs and events is having devastating impacts on our ability to continue to help so many. If you can, please consider making a donation online here.